Sunday, July 21, 2013

It is time to be prepaired | Cosplayer Survival bag

One week to go till its convention madness. I thought it would be really practical to come up with suitable things for cosplayer to take with them , at any time.

And because its much easier to listen than reading I made a video about it :)


its basically a collection of all the things that made my convention time so much more enjoyable in the past.
And maybe you can draw something usefull out of it as well.

I will be back with a detailed review of one of the biggest anime conventions in germany.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Animagic 2013 on the roll of excitement

heyyy you guys :) 

its that time of the year again, when I am getting all excited. Its convention time!!!
So I already did a post on which cosplays I am going to do and I am pretty busy sewing and gluing all those little pieces together into good costumes, or so I hope.

Since I am now officially a youtuber I will vlog the three days of convention and show you a little bit of that crazy beautiful world.

The conevntion will be in Bonn North rhine westfalia at the beethoven hall. As always there will be a ton of  show acts and dance groups as well as cosplay competitions. This year is actually the 15 anniversary of the AnimagiC. For me its the 7th time attending and I am so thrilled to be there again this year.

So i you wanna see the progress that I made on all of my three cosplays check the video down below, teher will of course be a second part when I am nearly finfished.

So thanks so much for reading this blabber and you will see more of me soon


Friday, March 1, 2013

Cosplays 2013 | feat. Character choice advice

Well hello there, long time no read,

Oh my gosh it is that time of the year again where I cannot shake the feeling of excitement. Browsing for ideas looking for the right chracters. Its cosplay time. I love the feeling of being someone else just for one day, its always fun and suits the creative part of me that doesnt get enough attention most of the time.

It took me longer than usual to decide which Anime characters I wanted to do this year but I'm really relieved having found these three amazing ones. For my part I find it very important to find characters that are not the complete opposite of myself. For example if you are a short person like I am it really makes no sence to do a very tall character because the effect will just get lost along the way (there are exceptions but they are pretty rare). Sometimes I found characters I really wanna do but they just dont suit my skin type, face/bodyshape etc so I couldnt represent them with all my heart, if you understand where I'm coming from.
Most of the time I am going for quirky, short, funny characters, but lately I also wanted to include a little coolnes and sexyness to my cosplay collection. So without further due here are my choices for 2013.

Ikki tousen | Char: Ryomou shimei
Bakuretsu tenshi | char: Amy

Guilty Crown |  Char: inori

I am very sorry that I havent been writing on this blog for such a long time and I really missed it.
I will definately keep you guys updated on costume details and DIYs~

over and out